Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return

After seven months in Gemini, Mars just moved into the sign of Cancer. I’m a Cancerian with Aquarius rising. I immediately questioned myself, “Am I going to soldier through this or find myself arguing and hurting myself? 

A quick look at my chart with the current transits, I realized I’m having a double whammy— a Mars Return.

This occurs every two-and-a-half years and is reflected in your chart when Mars returns to its position in your birth chart. For example, Mars is transiting my natal Mars in my fifth house. The energy lasts a few days but has lasting impacts.

For me, the 5th house includes focusing my energy to be more “disciplined, gracefully assertive and engaged regarding children, creative projects, use of creative intelligence, in romance and hobbies, and spiritual practices,” according to the site Astrolada.

You can learn how this and other transits affect you through astrology. This way, you’ll find guidance through life cycles and situations. The choices and paths we venture are still our’s to make.

As the transit approached, I feverishly edited a new oracle deck I’m excited to share. But then, my right eye swelled shut. Shortly after, I slammed a door on my right hand. Why? I only did two of the three things below.

1. Stay Calm

Mars is the planet of war. It’s considered malefic, bad, argumentative, chaotic, and crisis-filled. When Mars “returns” to its place in your natal, astrological chart, there is cause to note you may be quicker to anger, have accidents, surgeries and you may find yourself in arguments you didn’t start. 

It’s key to stay calm when you feel this energy in you or coming at you. A Mars return occurs every two-and-a-half years so how you handle this transit can have ripple effects for a bit. Keep your balance in your mind, heart, body and in your words.

2. Stay Focused 

Although Mars is considered to have adverse energy, there’s a lot of good if you focus, make a plan and take action. If you are all action with no plan, you may hit a few snafus as did I (i.e. rushing and slamming my finger in the door).

Mars can bring about accidents, surgeries and crises. It’s key to stay focused to avoid mishaps. Aim all your strength at healing, and to be a warrior, not a worrier, during a crisis. Have will power and keep your eyes on the prize without distractions. Be mindful and in the moment, and mishaps won’t find you. 

3. Create 

Harness the power of Mars to create, to be passionate, to lead and inspire. If you find yourself filled with anxiety or anger, try exercising, dancing, writing, singing, etc, to help get “it” out and into the cosmos. Rather than fighting, delve into a project, a book or a lover.

Any creative efforts you put forth will release the negative energy, and will replace it with a more positive view of yourself and what you are capable of doing and creating.

Harness the power of Mars to be a graceful warrior that raises your vibe mentally, physically and spiritually. 

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