Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts

The moment Saturn moved into Pisces, kicking off approximately another three years in a zodiac sign, this article rolls out from Newsweek: “Russian Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast” (

The omnipresence of multiple Russian nuclear submarines is alarming. Amping up power by sea, perhaps expected but the timing is uncanny. I put my money on astrology and the masters who are spot on. Here are a few details I’ve learned of what’s to come.

By the full moon in Virgo on the 7th, several planets are on the edge or shifting signs which naturally brings intense, energetic changes.

Many astrologers and, dare I say scientists, have been warning of earthquakes and water events on a large scale. Sounds familiar already, doesn’t it? There are too many examples to list and it’s still early March. 

In layman’s terms, the planetary changes we are experiencing are definitely effecting everything and we feel it much like we did in March of 2020. 

The Shifts

One of many standout moments is the Sun in a sextile to Uranus on a world point. Master Astrologer Anne Ortelee advises that one should pay attention to the last eclipses of March and November 2022. What was happening in your world? Our world?

“Uranus on a World Point will be wrapping up the energy that activated those eclipses.
Pace yourself. It’s shocking energy,” Astrologer Ortelee said.

“What astrologers call the World Axis is, confusingly, actually made up of several different “axes,” sensitive points throughout the Zodiac, which indicate fame, notoriety, and news. When planets transit the World Axis points — 0 degrees or 22.5 degrees of the cardinal signs, 15 degrees of the fixed signs, or 7.5 degrees of the mutable signs — we expect world-shaking events.”


Saturn’s big shift into Pisces triggers that eclipse spark. Saturn, the old man of the sky, takes a deep dive into Pisces, a watery, mystical sign that makes Saturn uncomfortable. Additionally, Neptune will be cohabiting with Saturn in Pisces for about the next six years.

Charting the planetary shifts: 
Mars squares the Sun 3-14-23

Also at play is Pluto as it moves into Aquarius on March 23rd, retrogrades back into Capricorn where it entered in 2008 then again into Aquarius in September 2024. Pluto is ruler of all that’s unseen and unknown, as well as power and money.

Once Pluto makes a complete move into Aquarius, it will remain there until 2042. Because it takes Pluto 250 years to travel the zodiac, the last shift was in 1774, and we are now just feeling the beginnings of what another 250 years may be like. 

Aquarian energy is like the air of humanity. Although the phrase the “Age of Aquarius” is bantered about, there is yet approximately another 100 years before that shift is final. 

Mercury which often equates to communication, messages, knowledge and speed is also in Pisces. Adding to the line up in Pisces is Neptune, ruler of the sea and things unknown and unseen. 

It all feels like a big watery stew. Jupiter is on the ascendant line of the astrology chart which by all accounts including astrologer Ortelee, indicates big news is coming. 

Remember, pace yourself. There are good and bad points in most shifts, situations and systems. With these shifts we are also seeing a potential cure for cancer this year or at least big movements forward in medicine and swift advancements in technology. 

We are now shifting our awareness to what we can do individually and collectively, and what that world may look like. Break free of Saturnian boundaries using your imagination. We are awakening to possible new galactic systems. The world stage is where we wait and watch for the light to shine on all unseen.

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