I Was Dead Wrong

Plutonian Relationships Defined

“Some people claim there’s a women to blame, but I know,” sang Jimmy Buffet. Let me add, “It’s probably Pluto!”

Thank goodness for clarity. In a nut shell, the two most important relationships in my life weren’t all bad but not all good and both ended – one in divorce, the other in death. 

This is why, based on previous convoluted thinking, I was wrong in feeling these were deep, soul mates or twin flames, and how I discovered the truth. 

I’ve had two intense, plutonian relationships. Here’s just a glimpse of one chart as well as other unbiased information you may also find enlightening and relatable.

Upfront, if you’re in a toxic, violent situation please take care, safety and seek support. Don’t over analyze the situation, just move forward. This is good advice for “unhealthy” relationships however unhealthy fits your definition. 

By most accounts, Plutonian relationships are fated and the best way to notice the aspects is through astrological, synergy charts like the example above. 

Specifically, you’ll need both your birthdate, place and time as well as your partner’s. The information is entered into a bi-wheel chart to show planetary aspects.

Plutonian relationships typically and immediately start out with strong, sexual tensions and connections. Noteworthy as well, these relationships feel destined, fated and intense.

The connection grows fast and furious. Most likely, one feels more obsessed than the other but key adjectives include: co-dependent, toxic, stressful, chaotic, obsessive and destructive, teachable, life-changing.

Other features of these connections include but aren’t limited too: psychological issues, power struggles, and they force you to face your shadow side.

“The positive manifestation of a plutonian relationship can be healing and transforming on a deep level, however, this happens through pain, and it is usually not a pleasant experience. Pluto adds intensity to everything it touches, and plutonian love is no exception. When facing a challenge through plutonian relationships in astrology, your best bet is to recognize the qualities of your partner that you don’t like in yourself.”


Pluto tends to leave no stone unturned. It tackles subconscious fears and frustrations. There are usually fears of abandonment and vulnerability. The more willingly you are to face your dark side, the sooner you will be set free.

The chart depicted above shows a close Pluto conjunction. This is frightful. Here is a list of more synastry aspects that suggest a plutonian relationship:

  • Pluto-Ascendant aspects
  • Pluto-Midheaven aspects
  • Pluto-Sun aspects
  • Pluto-Moon aspects
  • Pluto-Mercury aspects
  • Pluto-Venus aspects: the most painful and intense plutonic relationship type
  • Pluto-North Node aspects : indicates a karmic relationship

When talking about a plutonian relationship, it’s important to check the condition of Pluto in the natal charts. If your Pluto is strong and prominent, you perceive these passionate and intense encounters differently than if your Pluto is weak.

Obviously, this is a complicated topic invoking passionate feelings. What was perhaps considered the love of your life just may be a Plutonian partnership that typically won’t last. Buckle up!

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