March 25, 2022 — Intriguing, captivating, and educating viewers daily on TikTok, @Xenasolo continues to provide live, Ukrainian updates from a safe location in the west. The 27-year-old, Crimean-born woman recently finished her Master’s Degree in Political Science and with that, a thesis on Russian propaganda.

Today, when asked how to tell the difference between real information and propaganda, Xena (Xenasolo is her online name) gave a brief list of three key tips.

One: Check the Sources

  • Always check the references.
  • Verify the information with more than one source.
  • Validate who is being quoted and the official status.

Two: Emotional Bias

  • Whether it is a negative or positive preconception, any bias is most likely an attempt to sway opinions.
  • Thoroughly research the sources; read beyond emotions; look for balanced information.

Three: Dig Deep

  • Understand who owns and affiliates with the source.
  • Look into the companies, government, or private ownership and affiliations.
  • Review and process what ideas, plans, projects and are sponsored and/or propagated.

Highlights of News from Xena’s Live

How to Tell Truth From Propaganda

  • Ukrainian military officials report gaining 43 additional tanks from Russians.
  • Ukrainian military officials again confirm, as do Russian officials, 16,000 Russian soldiers killed-in-action; more than 40,000 were wounded “… creating a huge crisis and a “shift” in Russians’ perceptions,” Xena interjected.
  • Odesa’s ports are blockaded but the city has not been taken nor has Kyiv or any other region. The Russians have made an aggressive effort to disrupt the agricultural season and regions which is affecting food supplies; and, no exports (sunflower oil, barley, corn, and soy to Asia, India, and Egypt) will be possible.
  • The nuclear threat of most concern is from the former Soviet submarine fleet in the Black Sea near Balaklava. This was and is still considered a secret, underground base in Crimea used to store and refurbish submarines. “Should Russia use nuclear missiles from the ground, that is one thing,” Xena said. “But, what is much worse is a short-range attack with nuclear missiles from the submarines. We keep in mind that their technology is likely outdated, but it is not clear what technology has been added.”
  • Viewers commented and Xena agreed that the protests and activists against the war have been noticeably squashed in Russia. This is a nod to the brainwashing and control that continues especially among the youth who know of nothing else Xena added.
  • The anticipation surrounding the May 9th celebrations in Russia is building as Ukrainians ponder the length of this aggression by Russia. May 9th is a day of massive parades, concerts, and events in Russia to recognize the win in WWII and now, likely, to propagandize a win in Ukraine. Xena explained it has, “a day of identity solidifying events in Russia where a militarized society lives in the past and glorifies victories of the past.”
  • Recommended source from Xena for reliable Ukrainian news: Kyiv Independent

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