Hang On A Minute!

It’s that blog again. The one where I mention how every astrologer I research is bang-on correct.

They’ve been nailing events each month. July looks like a doozy with no clear outcome as the calendar flips by until somewhere around 2025-26.

In as few words as possible, we are shifting back decades and then flying forward, repeatedly. Solar flares are mega intense and to outline the details in the above chart is a lot. Fifteen pages of notes to be exact! So, I’m keeping it simple, or at least trying.

June was a great example as more weather, war, and disease made headlines. Earthquakes in Iran, monkeypox, Ukrainian issues, and yep, that Johnny Depp trial where the truth was revealed.

As predicted, the end of June was extraordinarily dramatic on a global scale and even more in the United States with major, federal court rulings turning prior decisions and people on their heads. Personally, I lost three friends, and separate families, on the same night (6-22-22).

You see, we are all connected to each other and to the universe. What you feel on a small scale is also happening around the world at speeds we mere mortals can barely measure.

This week, huge energetic shifts are predicted. The chart above by Susan Inspired, an astrologer and Schuman resonance expert, looks complicated and it is! I encourage readers to check out her channel. Actually, any astrologer will tell you the same things. It’s quiet now but not for long. Buckle up.

Perhaps you’re hearing the term CERN tossed about as well. A scientific team is starting this “conductor” on July 5 to research energy, space, and time. It’s not the first time it’s been activated but it is coinciding with galactic, divinely guided energy. It’s stirring up a lot of speculation and fear. Please note there are 30,000 similar conductors of different sizes currently at work. Knowledge is power (apologies for the cliché).

What can I say? What can I do? If you’re like me, you’re feeling the shifts. The energy is intense. You may find it hard to sleep, focus or stay on track. Anger and depression are prevalent and statistically rising.

Truth is hard to find and fear is lurking everywhere. Be diligent, and observant and offer input from a place of grace.

The advice I’ve received is to stay calm, and grounded in routines but let creativity soothe your mind. Take care of just the things you’re able. Don’t overthink. Don’t let misinformation rule or scare you.

Stay connected to your community. The ever-popular astrologer Rick Levine reminds us to, “Think globally, act locally.”

Pay attention to the simple needs and the loves in your lives. Take good care of yourself so you’re able to go with the flow as best as possible.

Remember to “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” I do pray the astrological weather for July turns out sunny and bright. Peace 

Note: After posting this on July 4th I later turned to the news to hear of a mass shooting in Texas, two police officers killed in Philadelphia, and other tragic details coming. Prayers from me to you

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