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"Where there is love, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is love. Believe.” — Elizabeth


Discover more about yourself through astrology and many other ancient and new systems with passionate professionals. Through the patterns of planets, energetic frequencies and our divine connections, we are able to provide in-depth information that illuminates your past, present and new paths.


Tru2itt Connections is rooted in spiritual connections, messages and information that is enlightening, helpful and healing. 


Our mission is to help others understand their journey, navigate the terrain, and grow along the path to live in love and peace. Please see our range of offerings.


Our number one goal is providing deep connections of healing, health, and happiness for the highest good of all.

About Me


Author, Astrologer and Intuitive Soul

Hello Trusoul, I’m Elizabeth, your intuitive guide in understanding energetic connections and the ways we are able to channel insightful messages together. As an energy-lightworker, it is my honor to help you answer questions that enhance your day, life and soul path.

My unique gifts enable me to channel and speak the languages of vibrational energy that is shared among all souls – in life, in nature and in the spirit realms.

I am a conduit, a guide, a teacher and a healer. I use the tools of astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, and other ancient systems to translate answers to many questions we all share. I am also a writer, best-selling author, an esthetician, a mother of two and absolute nature lover.

A multitude of traumas since the age of three, including two near-death experiences, brought out my deep understanding of the connections we have to our souls here and beyond. Thank you for joinging me, entrusting me and sharing in this journey we call life.

Elizabeth Author, Astrologer and Intuitive Soul

Our Specialties

We are true to you and our souls’ connections. We’re honored to offer insights to your questions using the following:


Energy Space Cleansing
($20 to $50)

We are happy to visit and clear spaces in and around you. We’re also available for information, education and products to guide you in cleansing your energies, spaces and crystals.


Reiki Healing
($20 to $100)

This is a meditative, calming energy cleanse for your mind, body and soul. Reiki healing is masterful in cleasing chakras and auras as well. Information and education surrounding this and meditation is also offered.


($60 to $120)

Learn about your life path and more details through a comprehensive review of your natal chart and a wide-range of reports available.

playing cards

Tarot, Oracle and Rune Readings
(20 to $100)

In-depth, carefully chosen decks and card-spreads are used to answer many specific questions you bring to the table.


Pendulum Answers
($5 to $25)

Find out “yes” or “no” answers to most of your pressing questions.


Palm Readings
($20 to $50)

Discover how the ancient art of palmistry adds to your self-discovery and awareness.


The Tru2itt Mission honors:

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